How To Make Your Voice Higher

These days, a lot of transgenders look for tips to make their voice higher from male to passable female voice. There are some simple steps you can take to get a high pitched voice. When it comes to making your voice sound higher, there’s no shortcut.

Like everything else, practice can help you become perfect at the task. Proper discipline and voice training can make some significant improvements in your voice. So if you are wondering how to make your voice higher? How to make your voice sound  like a girl? Then, this post, we’ve discussed some useful tips to help feminize your voice.

Strengthen the Vocal Cords

vocal-cords-voice-feminizationThe pitch of your voice is determined by constant vibrations produced by your vocal cords. High pitched voice always products greater number of these vibrations. According to experts, the rate of voice depends on the ability of your vocal cords to relax and tighten. While trying to make your voice higher, it is important to practice emotional control. This is even more important in situations where you might be frightened or excited. In these situations, your vocal cords are tensed and make it difficult for you to speak in a high voice.

Practice Pitch with a Piano

voice-feminization-piano-voice-higherWhile practicing, you should count from 1 to 8 right along the pitch of middle C. Then, you should gradually drop down one note. This process needs to be repeated to reach a low pitch without unnecessarily straining the vocal cords. You should start at middle C and try to reach a higher scale. Once again, you should count from 1 to 8. Over time, you will be more conscious on different pitch levels. This helps you control and make the voice higher.

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Practice Aaah’s and Oooh’s To Make Your Voice Higher

While practicing these sounds, you should start gently. You need to remain with a limited range. Every day of the voice training, you can gradually move to a higher pitch. It is important to explore your range and reach as high as you can. You need to make sure your vocal cords are not unnecessarily stressed.

Modulate the Voice

This is one of the most effective practices to stretch your voice muscles. This practice allows your vocal cords to choose different voice tones, including the ones that help you product a higher voice. Breathing exercises can also help you relax the vocal cords and produce higher voice.

These are some effective steps you can take to make your voice higher. With these simple tips, you do not have to wait for a long time. With regular practice, you will be able to make your voice higher within a short period of time.


9 Ways To Change Voice From Male To Female

male-to-female-voice-transformationIt is a great distress when your voice does not match your presumed gender. To the men who want a feminine voice, hormones or genital surgery is not a solution for feminizing your voice. Most physicians do not recommend a voice changing surgery. They term it as only a partial solution. To achieve a full voice feminization conversion to the female voice you desire, you have to undergo speech transgender training.

Here are some of the simple ways to transform voice from male to female.

1. Learn your voice

Before you think of changing your voice, it is important to learn how your voice sounds. Sit down and record yourself talking quietly, loudly and when singing. Describe your voice!! After you understand your voice, you can learn how to control it to be that of a female.

2. Warm up

After learning your voice, you should be ready for a transformation to the female voice. Practice speaking like a female. You can pronounce the vowels while making exaggerated mouth movements to relax your jaws muscles. This is the best way to start it out.

3. Pitch variation

Most men keep their pitch in a narrow range even when speaking loudly while women vary their pitch greatly while emphasizing a point. The low pitch in men is as a result of the thick vocal cords. They can achieve a high pitch by tightening their vocal cords. Here are simple steps to help you practice raising your pitch;

  • Place your two fingers on your Adams Apple, the index finger above it and the middle finger below it
  • Speak normally and note the fingers vibrations
  • Tighten your throat and try to speak, raising your pitch
  • Practice this exercise severally until your raised pitch sounds normal

4. Sing

Singing is another way of loosening your voice box and developing a high pitch range. If you sing regularly, you will be able to control your pitch. If this is a problem to you, look for a female friend with a deep voice and try to sing along. She will help you control your pitch.

5. Raise your Larynx and epiglottis 

When you raise your larynx, you will decrease the voice characteristics of male resonance. It is also a perfect way to raise your pitch. Your glottis controls passage of air to the vocal cords. A closed glottis produces a fully voiced male sound. Learning to raise your glottis and larynx as you speak will give you a perfect female sound.

6. Practice breathy voice

This is the secret to a soft voice. A breathy voice begins when you are just whispering. You can practice balancing breathe while talking. When trying this for the first time, the volume of your speech might be very low. This will rise with time as you get used to this type of speech.

7. Avoid slurring words

Unlike males, females enunciate their words properly. Their speech has very little slurring words. To speak as a female, you have to break the habit of using the slurring words. Try to talk with full sentences full of emotions.

8. Pace your words appropriately

As you talk, think how a female would bring out the sentence. Females usually start their sentences slowly and gently. They avoid the hardness of the male sounds. They keep their voice soft and with the appropriate content. This is what makes that feminine feeling in their voice. You need this tip to feminize your voice fully.

9. Take a 30-Day Voice Feminization Crash Course

voice-feminization-30day-crash-courseIn order to take effect the voice transformation from male to female, it is highly recommended to take this 30-day crash course online. The course will guide you in a step-by-step proven voice feminization process that will give you the foundation needed to express yourself as a woman in the next 30 days.

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