Vocal Coach

If you are looking for the  best transgender vocal coach online that will transform your voice from male to female, then this lists of vocal coaches also known as transgender voice therapist will definitely change your voice dramatically in a matter of weeks.

Why Do You Need Vocal Coach?

Transgender Voice Therapists and Speech Pathologists may give you some feedback to correct any voice issues such as achieving that perfect pitch and intonation. The speech therapist may also give you some tricks and resources that you may need to become confident in   voice feminization.

Here’s The List of Vocal Coaches/Transgender Voice Feminization:


Kathe is a renowned expert transgender voice feminization extraordinaire. With over 25 years of experience in the field of speech pathologist, she devoted herself to work on helping any transgender individuals who are struggling in finding that passable feminine voice. 

Kathe Perez’s  “30-Day Crash Course” online voice feminization has helped thousands of transgender individuals all over the world who profoundly changes their voices from male to female –> Read more here